Building up a project from scratch


We like to draw a lot, although we still can't. After doing extensive research, we visualize the basic pages.


As a result we deliver a simple and clean wireframe. We discuss our proposals with the customer and re-wireframe till its perfect.


A week later, we are ready with the basic design accompanied by the user task flow and the final specifications. We then start the UX testing and enhance the design based on the feedback.


A team of back-end magicians do the boring coding, and just in time we are ready for the beta testing and shortly after - the official launch.

Cross-platform gaming interface

100% Responsive  

Fully responsive interface, created and tested for each device resolutions.


Custom gaming design, guidelines, logo, banners and images.


Clean coding with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL

  API integration

PinnacleSports API integration with under 5 seconds refresh rate.

  SEO Optimisation

Semantic coding, link building, unique content creating and many more.


Facebook, Google+ and Twitter - share, like and comment

Next level UX

User Profile

Wide range of player performance statistics, arranged in the account tab.

Full control and game management trough the bets management menu.

Custom design

Under the hood

Powerful Engine

Instagoal provides MVC patterns, RESTful routes, and convention over configuration, while integrating seamlessly with any database and template engine. A triad of three modules linked by the ObserverPattern, all residing within a RepresentationLayer.

Instagoal PDO data-access abstraction layer provides functionallity for independante database. Same functions are used to issue queries and fetch data.

PHP based business logic

Instagoаl business logic is designed to avoid circular dependencies. It knows only about the layer below (the data access layer), and not the layer above (the presentation layer or external applications that access the business layer directly). Also, it uses abstraction to implement a loosely coupled interface. It is designed for tight coupling within the business layer and high cohesion. Components contain only functionality specifically related to that component.

API with under 5 seconds refresh rate

Instagoal implements custom synchronization plans, and captures events from ready-built synchronization service provided through public application programming interface (API). These plans work with various operational transformation functions supporting a range of collaboration functionality, which provides less than five seconds data consistency update time.

Custom build admin panel

The Admin Panel provides access to the control features of the site as creating static or dynamical pages. It has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro & flat balanced design, huge collection of plugins and UI components that work seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones. The admin panel is API connected to video and image platforms and social networks.