Redesign and new features implementation


Simple representative site based on html table layout. It had no responsiveness, no functionality and no SEO optimization. It was a good job for its time... back in the 90s.


Fully responsive WordPress based site with reservation option, payment methods, room pricing management, news etc. Easy to use admin panel, where to manage all the functionality.

Cross-platform interface

100% Responsive  

Good and easy interface on tablet and phone, achieved by Bootstrap 3.0

Room Reservation  

Booking trough build in reservations system.

Card Payment  

Integrated payment methods and gateway.


Basic SEO, done for each language version

  5 Languages

New system for dividing language versions, allowing tracking each version.


Create better environment by allowing customers reviews and grades


  • Choosing Date
  • Choosing Room
  • Checkout
  • Confirmation

The date picker displays the room price for the exact period you are reserving it. The administrator can make changes for the room price from the admin panel. This allows different promotions and different prices for each period of the season.

After choosing a date for vacation, a list with all the available rooms and their prices are displayed to the user. The search criteria can be edited from the left panel.

The personal information and the payment method are required for verification of the reservation. The user is able to see the room's price for each day from the "View Price Breakdown" menu.

No deposit is required for confirmation. An administrator receives the email form the user and in 24h. confirms or reject the reservation.